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SymPlay knows that medical professionals are busy and that there are always new regulations and requirements impose on medical facilities. We want to ease that burden.

One way we are doing that is through our ACA-1557 Notices app for iPad. This simple application can save hours of office time and eliminate the posting of large numbers of notices on the walls. It takes just five minutes to set up, and provides easily readable electronic copies of notices exactly as seen on the Health and Human Services Web site in 63 different languages.

This simple, time-saving app is available in the App Store for only $9.99. Download now at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aca-1557-notices/id1163658530?ls=1&mt=8.

For answers to commonly asked questions about the app, see our FAQ at:  http://www.symplay.com/temp/aca-1557-faq.


SymPlay games are designed for children, parents and peers to share a game experience – to interact, face to face. Find stuff, fight stuff, figure stuff out….. you do it all together.

Our gameplay is built to foster communication and interaction between players, not just with an inanimate tablet. We use knowledge from evidence-based treatment of children with autism to enable you to select a level of play that will keep your child engaged and appropriately challenged.

Our games have emotion-rich content built in to promote implicit learning via play with parents and/or peers. We include concepts like cooperation and self-regulation – all smoothly integrated into the game play through friendly and accessible characters like Zody, Gus, Maxine and Dr. Logic.

Zody’s World: The Clock Catastrophe

Zody’s World is a quest that pits you against gophers, dragons, quicksand, and more as you help Dr. Logic get his cuckoos back.

How to you get past all those gophers? One person runs and one person throws. We put the fun back in working together.

In this game, there are several mini-games that explore different ways for parent and child to play together.

  • In the garden, it’s about communication.
  • In the desert, it’s about planning and working out a challenge. Getting past the dragon cave takes some thinking and heart

Zody’s Wild World

Zody’s Wild World isn’t quite a dungeon crawl, but it is no walk in the park either. It’s not you against the world, it’s you and your friend against the world. That’s a lot more fun. The more you work together, the stronger you are. Be careful, these monsters know how to break up a good friendship.

What’s different about this game?

  • Your device reads the cards and brings the action to life
  • The game teaches about emotions, problem solving, and cooperation in an intuitive way
  • Each character has a MindSet that is affected by anger, hunger, empathy, focus, etc. The monsters try to weaken your power – like using the Mad Cap to make you angry and reduce your effectiveness. You counter with bonuses and specials to boost your strength
  • It’s different every time!

The battles are animated on the iPad as you work you way through.